Plazma Burst 2: NOVA

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Plazma Burst 2: The GSA Ambush

Posted by Juan.awesomeness on December 8, 2012 at 5:15 PM

Being still at war with the GSA, it was no surprise when an old friend came to visit one of my bases while I was taking care of it. He hung around for a while, and we were able to catch up. He was a creative one, and was always willing to do something insane. Anyway, he didn’t just come to chat. He came with a plan, a scheme for taking out the GSA. He describes himself as a great strategist. He says he would make a good general someday. If we ever fight side by side, I’m pretty sure he would be. So his plan, insane as it was, was to create a battlefield with the signal “GSA Come…” He said it would attract GSA, and we could ambush them and kill them. The battlefield was a famous one, named District 13. So I agreed to his plan, knowing I couldn’t abandon my troops. So he, another soldier and I set up fortifications at District 13. The signal attracted a few violent civilians, who tried to kill us, but we managed to fight them off. Only one GSA fell for our trap, and we killed him easily. Unfortunately, the signal did attract a BoZ, (BioHazard), and a VERY good one at that. He was a fierce fighter. He managed to hold us off, and the other soldier who traveled with us was killed. I gained a lot of respect for the BoZ that day, since I realized they were good. Eventually, both I and my friend and the BoZ called a temporary truce, and we both left the battlefield, a tie.


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